Laughter & Tears

“I love some good old-fashioned drag”, I whispered in the ear of my friend, Michaela, one of the friends I attended the First Nations Supreme Drag Queen Event at Carriageworks last night, as part of World Pride.

One of the drag queens had just lip-synched to the awesome Whitney Houston song, “I Have Nothing” from “The Bodyguard”. Another lip-synched to Donna Summer’s “Macarthur Park”. In the midst of the more modern tunes, it was great to hear some old-school drag as well.… Read the rest “Laughter & Tears”

Mardi Gras / World Pride (Part Two)

“Why is the parade going THAT way?”, my colleague and friend, Sam asked me last night, as we tried to make our way through Surry Hills. We were both a bit discombobulated, after taking part in the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Even though I have lived in the area for almost thirty years, we had both completely lost our sense of direction. “This is like the 90s in terms of crowd size all over again”, I said to Sam to explain my directional confusion.… Read the rest “Mardi Gras / World Pride (Part Two)”

Big Events

“I think she might be Scomo’s biggest mistake”, an “old leftie” whispered into my ear at the Andrew Olle Media Lecture.

There was a perception, rightly or wrongly, that the appointment of Ita Buttrose as ABC Chair was simply another political appointment and that Ita would do the “government’s bidding”. Indeed, the appointment was a “captain’s pick” by the Prime Minister, made outside the process which had been established for ABC and SBS board appointments.

From my own perspective, I was pleased to see someone with CONSIDERABLE media experience had been appointed, instead of someone who was there as an obvious “political appointment”.… Read the rest “Big Events”

Red and Purple

For the first time today in decades, I felt that all too common feeling of sunburn on the back of my neck. Though sunburn was pretty common when I was a child, I’ve had long-term awareness about the risks of skin cancer, especially since I have fair skin and red-haired ancestry, always wearing a hat and sunblock to significant outdoor events.

I picked up this very minor case of sunburn, attending the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day.… Read the rest “Red and Purple”