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  • Two Pub Rule

    Two Pub Rule

    You’re aware, of course, of the two pub rule that applies in Australian country towns? The rule is that in each small Australian country town there are usually two pubs: there’s a popular pub that everyone goes to, and there’s the pub that no one goes to, but which is usually inhabited by itinerants and alcoholics.… Read the rest “Two Pub Rule”

  • Land Of The Midnight Sun

    If I was at home, I probably would have opened a bottle of wine, collapsed on the coach, and then later on, surfed the net for a while. Needless to say, my life’s not like that in Narvik. First of all, I’m not arriving home stressed, a bottle of wine is too expensive to contemplate, and I’ve yet to find a wifi connection here.… Read the rest “Land Of The Midnight Sun”

  • Greetings from Narvik

    Greetings from Narvik

    I’ve got a bunch of postcards I’ve been carrying around for a couple of days. I really must send them. In the meantime, greetings from Narvik where I’ve found a pub with wifi.

  • Don’t Mention The War

    Don’t Mention The War

    “The king of Norway once sat at this table”, our host Tor told us proudly over breakfast this morning. “This is the most photographed chair in all of Norway”, he added, and then told us about how the guest-house in which I’m staying was once a building for German soldiers during the Second World War.… Read the rest “Don’t Mention The War”

  • Polar Circle

    Polar Circle

    It’s about one o’clock in the morning and it’s light outside. Although I know the sun is out there somewhere, I can’t actually see it, due to the fog which has enveloped Narvik.

    I’m staying in the top floor room of a guest house. “You’re in the old maid’s room”, the bloke who owns the house told me when I arrived.… Read the rest “Polar Circle”