Greetings from Narvik

I’ve got a bunch of postcards I’ve been carrying around for a couple of days. I really must send them. In the meantime, greetings from Narvik where I’ve found a pub with wifi.

3 responses to “Greetings from Narvik”

  1. M-H Avatar

    I always carry my postcards round for days – even when I’ve bought the stamps with them.

  2. Miss Andrea Avatar
    Miss Andrea

    Same – although it’s not deliberate, I think there’s something subversive about sending a postcard from one place, with the postmark of another.
    Love the pic. You’re looking good!

  3. James Avatar

    Apologies for the spam that happened using that pub. I’m back using my own computer and I pray that nothing like this ever happens again. And in case anyone visits Narvik, it’s Kaffteria which has an unsafe internet connection.

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