pop art

  • Paper Tiger

    Paper Tiger

    If you like the 1970s, music, art, politics and Sydney, you’ll like this exhibition currently at the National Art School. Made this video for my friend https://catherinecroll.com (Cathy/Kate), who has work in it, but couldn’t attend the opening, as she is currently working in remote WA.

  • Pop Art at AGNSW

    Pop Art at AGNSW

    A lot of people went to a lot of effort to dress up for the Pop Art Party at the Art Gallery of NSW last night.

    We didn’t. We were happy just to go along in the same clothes we wear to pretty much every event at the AGNSW.

    In keeping with the theme of the party, there were lots of Andy Warhols, lots of Warhol-inspired costumes, and lots of characters from Roy Lichtenstein paintings.… Read the rest “Pop Art at AGNSW”