Radio Days Jo’burg 2013 – Day 2

There were times today at Radio Days Jo’burg when I thought my head might explode. Not literally, of course, but metaphorically as I found myself trying to understand ideas, concepts, and life situations well beyond my normal frame of reference. During morning break, for example, I was chatting once again with a lovely woman who […]

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Pop Up Radio Stations

I was asked to present a paper at “Radio Days Jo’burg” on Australia’s experience with pop up radio stations. This paper was a significantly expanded and quite different paper to the one which I presented at “Radio Days Europe” at Berlin in March. This is the text from the speech I prepared (along with some […]

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Lots To Talk About

In contrast to the last couple of days, I never wandered very far today from the place where I’m staying at Meville, Johannesburg. After breakfast, I stayed indoors, spending most of the morning in preparation for my presentations at the Radio Days Jo’burg Conference, being held at Wits University Radio Academy over the next few […]

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