Getting around Sydney Airport

I spent far, far too much time at Sydney Airport this week. In the midst of the school holidays, there were better places to be.

Sydney Airport
Sydney Airport

The reason? I had a family member (and her daughter) down from Lismore. She needed to travel to Newcastle for a specialist appointment. And, as she’s quite old, and immobile, the best/easiest way was to catch a flight from Lismore to Sydney, and then a flight from Sydney to Newcastle (and back).… Read the rest “Getting around Sydney Airport”

Cheap Way to Sydney Airport

For the last fifteen years or so I’ve been travelling to and from Sydney Airport either by taxi or train. I live close enough so that a taxi generally costs no more than $20, and so that’s what I mostly do.

If, however, I’m closer to Central, like when I’m travelling to and from work, or if the queue at the airport is outrageously long, I’ll catch the train instead. But every time I do, I have to swallow my pride, as I think the one-way ticket price of $16.50 borders on extortion.… Read the rest “Cheap Way to Sydney Airport”