A cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down

About the only time I ever have loose-leaf tea is when my colleague, Zoe makes it. Zoe has the office next to mine, and from time to time, she’ll say, “I’m having a cuppa. Would you like one?” Since I’ve been working from home since March last year (yes, last year, it’s a thing), I haven’t had “proper tea” for several months.

Things also changed about six months ago when I read the articles about the microplastics you can find in tea bags.… Read the rest “A cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down”

China – Tea Plantation

I learned more today about green tea than I have my entire life. Our day started with a visit to a nearby village of Mei Jia Wu, where they seem to grow nothing but tea. Amongst the things I learned included: how the different size of tea leaves produce different flavours; how the spring harvest is considered the best; how you can usually get five cups of green tea using the same leaves, how you should drink black tea in the morning, and how you should drink green tea about half an hour AFTER eating your lunch and dinner to assist in fat absorption.… Read the rest “China – Tea Plantation”