My Final Day in Tokyo

Of course, I drink like a fish. But over time my body seems to have built up a bit of resistance, so I don’t often get hangovers. Today, however, was an exception: I woke with one of those mind-numbing hangovers.

Last night I went out looking for something to eat and headed towards the “gay area” of Tokyo. The first bar I called into (for a beer) had the best name for a bar ever: Cholesterol.… Read the rest “My Final Day in Tokyo”

Mori Tower Views

“I’m sure I saw a sign for McDonalds here somewhere”, I thought to myself as I scouted the restaurant menus at Tokyo’s Mori Tower. Sadly, I’ve spent most my life living with champagne tastes, but on a beer budget. Though it would have been tempting to have enjoyed a two-hundred dollar meal (yes, seriously), common sense prevailed.

Panoramic view from the Mori Tower, Tokyo

Although my main reason for visiting the Mori Tower was to see the world famous Mori Art Gallery, art was the last thing on my mind.… Read the rest “Mori Tower Views”

Tsukiji and Sunset

“This may be your last chance to see the markets in this location”, our guide, Nori told us today. After about eighty years at Tsukiji, the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market is moving at the end of next year to make way for a venue for the Olympic Games, being held in Tokyo in 2020.

Although it’s often said one of the “must do” things about Tokyo is to get up early (three or four in the morning) and to line-up to witness the excitement of the seafood auction at the market, that’s not really “my kind of thing”.… Read the rest “Tsukiji and Sunset”

Tokyo Monday

“You can never have enough shoes, hats and gloves”, Patsy once said on “Absolutely Fabulous”. I don’t know about that, but I did have to make a couple of additional purchases today. When I travel, I like to travel light, just the basics. Half a dozen pairs of socks and jocks (which you can wash) combined with enough shirts and pants for a good rotation, and there’s nothing much more you need for a summer holiday, in my view.… Read the rest “Tokyo Monday”