Crossing Borders

Crossing borders can be both exciting and tedious, and the journey from Vietnam to Cambodia proved to be no exception.

As we handed over our passports, anxiously awaiting the necessary stamps and visas, I couldn’t help but appreciate the renewed appearance of my passport. It had been renewed just a year ago and had remained largely untouched until now. The exorbitant cost of renewal suddenly seemed justified, as my passport started to bear the marks of my travel adventures.… Read the rest “Crossing Borders”

Vietnam Radio

The major topic of discussion on radio on Tuesday revolved around the high school entrance exam.

Despite my efforts to stay away from work-related thoughts during this trip, Tuesday had a touch of work mode for me as Andrea arranged a visit to Voice of Vietnam in Saigon.

One of my resolutions for this trip was to avoid thinking about work, and removing Outlook and Teams from my phone proved helpful. However, I couldn’t help but enjoy getting back into work mode.… Read the rest “Vietnam Radio”

Four reasons to visit bars while you’re on holiday

There are four main reasons why you should go to a bar when you’re travelling.

  1. They generally have the best toilets, especially if you’re travelling in a country where you know the toilet regime is a little “challenging” to “western sensitivities”.
  2. At the end of a long hard day walkig and sighteeing, sometimes a refreshing drink can be the perfect way to end the way. On this trip, we’ve already visited a few roof-top bars which have been excellent.
Read the rest “Four reasons to visit bars while you’re on holiday”

Cu Chi Tunnels, near Ho Chi Minh City

As I walked around the fields of the Cu Chi Tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City, I could hear the sound of gunshots. It was quite impressive and gave me a realistic sense of what it might have been like during the American Vietnam War, I thought.

It started raining just as we arrived, and then quickly cleared, to be followed by hot and steamy weather, which further added to the atmosphere and provided a glimpse into the conditions experienced by the people in the area during this time.… Read the rest “Cu Chi Tunnels, near Ho Chi Minh City”