Television Night

It’s Monday night… my big tv night… with The Simpsons (another repeat), John Saffran, Life Support/Media Watch, The Osbournes, Queer As Folk and right now, it’s Ricki Lake with a program about people who enjoy body modification. I love the “faux shock” Ricki is expressing on the program. I know it’s a popular thing here, to say American programs based on English programs are never as good as the original, but in the case of “Queer As Folk”, I disagree. Not that I mean the American program IS better than the English, but that I think they both have good qualities. While I enjoyed the quick-witted nature of the English program, and I thought the acting and characterisation was excellent, I think the American program may, in fact, have greater depth. Because the American program is an ongoing series, I think they have had a little more time to develop the characters, to demonstrate more of the subtleties. I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. Oh and Justin…

Not much to report from the last few days. Although I’ve been out with friends for a couple of drinks, it’s been a relatively quiet weekend. I’m trying to stay home more, cook more of my own food, drink less, and do all manner of things to save money so that I can afford to go to Sweden and possibly New York. So far, I’m doing okay.

Had some good news – workwise – today, with written confirmation I’ll be going to Brisbane next week for a conference. As well as the work, which I know I’ll enjoy, I’m looking forward to going to Brisbane, as it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. As I’ve been given a day off on the Friday after the conference, I plan on travelling to the Gold Coast and hopefully Lismore, too. It’s now 16 years since I left Brisbane, and aside from a week in the first year, I haven’t really been back since, aside from occasional trips to Gloria’s place, and then, most of the time, I’ve just stayed there. I’m looking forward to a walk down the Queen Street Mall. I’m looking forward to visiting The Valley. I might even take a trip to my old house in Tarragindi. Memories…

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