Muftee Cabaret

Muf-Tee’s director, Les Solomon, has created a chat show with Hayden Tee as the host and the musical director, Nigel Ubrihien, as his sparring partner. By having a couple of cabaret-performing guests each week, they have a format which – like its small-screen counterparts – can constantly reinvent itself. It is a strange case of art imitating TV. – Sydney Morning Herald.

Last night’s show featured some beautiful work on cello, a couple of lovely songs from John O’May and some hillarious stuff from Gary Scale who performed “One” as a song about having one leg, and sang “This Is My Life” (Shirley Bassey) as a cork-screw! There was also a young guy called Hugo Chiarella who sang a song that was both American and too old for him. Still he’s an interesting performer.

Immediately afterwards I came home and wrote to ABBAmail. One of the guests was John O’May who plays one of the fathers in the Australian production of Mamma Mia. He said he’d signed a contract today until February 2005. After Sydney, he said the show has 8 weeks in Perth, 8 weeks in Adelaide, 3.5 months in Auckland, then it goes to Singapore and Hong Kong before returning to Melbourne!.

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