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It’s Sunday night. There’s a tv-special about two environmentalists / photographers from Tasmania which is interesting, but a little worthy, perhaps?

Anyway… the last week has been full and yet I’m going to have to sit down and think pretty hard about what I have actually done.

Last Saturday night, John and I went to see Slava and Leonard Grigoryan play at Angel Place. The show was excellent: a good mixture of styles, tempos and familiary/obscurity.

Nothing much happened on Sunday. The only highlight was watching the final auction of “The Block”, which in its worship of money, I actually thought was a bit offensive. I recgonised then why I enjoyed “Big Brother” more… as Big Brother was about collective harmony, while The Block was about rampant individualism. Any wonder it’s been so successful in John Howard’s Australia.

On Tuesday night, Kate and I went to the launch of the new CD by Renee Geyer. Held at Star City Casino, there was a sparkling of minor celebrities including Richard Wilkins, Judy Stone and the man from the cooking show on Channel 9.

Wednesday and Friday. Nothing much to report, aside from a drink or two here and there.

But Thursday was fantastic, as Damien and I went to see the band, Stringmansassy play at The Basement.

Stringmansassy play at The Basement in Sydney
Stringmansassy play at The Basement in Sydney

Damien and I met near Circular Quay and then had dinner at nearby restauruant which Damien suggested as he had walked past there on many occasions but had never been inside.

We had a really nice meal, chatted a lot about France, I mentioned my forthcoming trip to Griffith and invited him. We then went off to see Stringmansassy, the band I had interviewed the week previous.

They were terrifici. Both will benefit from age though as Kacey (the vocalist) often went over the top with her vocalisations. Aaron (the guitarist) however was both talented and cute!

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