Time Flies

It’s Saturday morning. I’ve just cleaned the house whilst listening to the radio… so I think that counts for doing two jobs at the same time! On the work front it’s been a reasonably busy week; though it’s been much quieter on the non-work front.

Had a great phone call with Michaela the other day at work in which she told me all of the gossip from back home. That was fun.

The only time I’ve ventured out this week was on Thursday night when I went to see a play at Edith Cowan University, the second time I’ve been to a university campus in the last week. I never went to university that much when I was attending! The play was “Scenes from the big picture” by Owen McCafferty featuring third year students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Although WAAPA has a very good reputation, probably second only to NIDA in Australia, I didn’t enjoy the play much, although I tried hard. One of the compromises I guess every university course has to make is finding the right play, but having enough parts so that everyone can “have a go”. In common with “The Blue Room”, this play probably features far too many vignettes, keeping it, unfortunately a little superficial. The actors were fine, and although they may have all spent a little too long working on their Northern Ireland accents, there are probably a few of them who’ll become big stars. Nonetheless, I left at intermission.

On the way home I popped into The Court for a drink. Ivan from Port Headland was there. I got chatting with his friend, Ross (who is a Willie Nelson lookalike, although he hates it being said) who had some interesting tales to tell of a long life in Perth.

My only other venture out into the real world was for a hair cut last night. I look fab! Although I thought of going out for a drink last night, I ended up falling asleep quite early.

I’m popping in to town shortly to do a bit of shopping, as I saw a very nice pair of pants in a shop window last night.

Tonight, I’m off to His Majestys Theatre for a West Australian Opera production of Rossini’s “Cinderella”, featuring the West Australian Opera Chorus and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra

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