Spring Is Here

It’s lunchtime on Saturday. After a few glorious days in Perth – the first few days in a couple of months that I HAVEN’T needed a jacket in the daytime, it’s pretty overcast today, although the sun keeps shining through from time to time. Yes, Spring has well and truly arrived and I’m with the sudden realisation that I have only three months left in Perth.

This, of course, means there’s a lot to squeeze in if I’m going to make the most of my time here. And I have visitors, with Sue, Colin and Damien all coming throughout October. Actually I received an email from Damien this week telling me that he’d booked his flights to Broome for the last week of October. Although it will be reasonably humid when we’re there, I think it’s going to be a great experience.

I spent a fair bit of last weekend involved in our stand at WA On Show, an exhibition celebrating the 175th anniversary of European settlement in WA, co-inciding with the opening of Perth’s new Convention Centre. The Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, the $220 million world-class facility set to open in August 2004, is destined to become one of Perth’s largest and most important landmarks. WA on Show, the event created to open the Centre, will showcase the best of Western Australia. It will be one of the most significant events in the history of the State. On the evening of Thursday 26 August 2004 a reception for 3,000 local, national and international political, community and business leaders will formally mark the opening of the state’s newest icon. At 9.00 am on Friday 27 August 2004 the doors will open for WA on Show, five-day event created to provide the people of Western Australia with the opportunity to see and experience the new venue for free. After three days of full on work, by 5pm last Saturday though, I was well and truly over it. Still, opening night drinks made up for things and our broadcasts were very successful.

This week I went to have a look at a new apartment. Unfortunately, the man who owns the property in which I’m living has arrived back from overseas travel and would like his home back. As much as I love living in this place, I’m open to the idea of moving and so I had a look at another apartment which I can have as a short-term lease. Although there are some aspects of the apartment I really love, such as its proximity to the city, the views, nice furnishings etc, I am a little worried that it’s “too dark” and that, come summer, I might miss some of the creature comforts of this place, including the swimming pool and the large balcony. I haven’t decided yet.

No plans for today. Although I have some work to do this weekend, I’m trying to have today off… so if anyone from work reads this, please leave me alone today! Tomorrow night I’m out for dinner and a few more interesting things are planned for the next week.

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