Election Night

It’s Saturday night and I’ve just finished watching the ABC’s coverage of the Federal Election. I voted earlier today as an absentee voter for the Federal Seat of Sydney which Tania Plibersek holds with a margin of about 15%. I see Tania is back in and that the Greens have also done very well.

There’s not a lot to report on the social scene. Sue was in town this week and spent most of her time at the Anglican National Synod. She’s staying in Fremantle and we caught up for a while last weekend, chatting about this and that. A friend of hers from Melbourne also came along for my “Visitors Guide To Fremantle Tour”. We also caught up for a few hours earlier today, ahead of her trip to South Africa. There is a lot of people from South Africa living in Perth and, catching the train to Fremantle today, Sue observed, “There’s that accent again.” Sue is coming back for a “proper visit” in a few weeks time.

But the most important and saddest news of the week was the death of Liz Croll. It has overwhelmed just about everything else in my life over the last few days, starting with the first phone call from Kate at 6.30 on Wednesday morning telling me what had happened to chatting with Yvette yesterday after the funeral. I’m teary again now.

Her death notice appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.

CROLL, Elisabeth Ruth (Liz).
Born in 1960, died October 4, 2004 (in Judbury, Tasmania).

Her beautiful mind in peace at last.

Tim’s Darling Lizzy and best big sister to Gala. Dearly loved daughter of (Frank) and Joan, wonderful sister and much loved aunt to Catherine and Tom, Philippa, Gerard, Lachlan, Oliver and Hamish. Annabel, Max and Phoebe. A tragedy for all our families and Liz’s many friends.Lizzy, we know you loved and cared for us all.

Please, no flowers but, you may like to help someone like Liz by donating to Beyond Blue, Post Office Box 6100, Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122.

A very sad loss. Miss you Liz.

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