Loose Box

The Loose Box in outer Perth suburb of Mundaring is widely regarded as the best restaurant in WA, and everyone at work was very impressed when I told locals Damien and I were going there. It’s in the middle of nowhere, however, and I can see why they have guest accomodation available on-site.

For dinner, we started off with a compilimentary cup of gaspazcho. We both had for appetizer the freshly poached Mt Barker chicken, diced and folded with kipfler potatoes in a horse radish mayonnaise with sour cream, served garnished with soft-boiled quail eggs and fresh herbs.
For the entree, I had the rabbit and duck terrine with mushroom mousse, gherkins and mini croissant while Damien had pigs trotters infused with truffle juice, encased in a fine chicken mousse and served with a grain mustard sauce.

For the main, I had the saddle of venison on truffle-infused mash with pear; while Damien had the large tunnel boned quail filled with a chicken farce, poached then roasted, served on mash with pitted prunes and mushroom mousse.

We both then had a thimble of fresh apricot sorbet as a palate clenaser and then for desert I had the chocolate ice-cream in hot chocolate soup, while Damien had the homemade crepes filled with frangipani crème, rolled as a cigar, baked in fresh butter and tossed in chocolate powder, served with a chocolate sauce and homemade vanilla ice-cream.

Damien selected the wine: Lakes Folly 2001. A stunning wine from the Hunter Valley, a brilliant blend of cabernet sauvignon (60%), petit verdot, shiraz and merlot. Damien says it justly deserves it’s reputation, one of those rare wines that are sensational now but will age gracefully for years.

The food, service and decor were indisputably excellent. Damien notes however that after visiting the sublime Becasse in Surry Hills only a month ago he couldn’t help comparing the two.
A great place for a great dinner.

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