Settling Back In

It’s Wednesday night and I’m at home half watching “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Foxtel. Since the installation of pay television last Thursday morning, I’ve watched a fair bit of television (and have listened to a fair bit of radio), but have still found time to manage to fit a fair bit into my life. Unfortunately, my body is still a little affected by the time-zone change… a bit like when I moved to Perth earlier this year. Based on that earlier experience, I think it will probably still take a few weeks.

I had a reasonably busy weekend socially, attending Ian and Ian’s Annual Christmas Booze & Foodfest (TM) at their place at Lewisham. Many of the usual crowd were there which was great, including some people I only ever meet at the party, but who I think a really nice.

And then on Sunday night, Damien and I went for dinner at Becasse. This was about the third or fourth time we’ve been to dinner there and it was probably the best. We started off the night at the newly refurbished, White Horse Inn on Crown Street, Surry Hills. After being closed for about six years, what was once a reasonably dodgy pub has received a $2million makeover. Following in the footsteps of the refurbishment of The Clock, and with another planned development, Surry Hills is, belatedly, turning into a bona fide yuppie area. The meal was sensational, featuring such treats as a Veloute of Haricot Blanc with a Foie Gras Chantilly which was a luke-warm soup served in a teacup, with with flavours of potato and shallot combining well with the dollup of cream in the centre. Another personal favourites was the South-West France Ravioli of Scallop and Lemon with a Ragout of Spiced Pork Cheeks which had a terrific saltiness offset by the accompanying wine, a 2002 Chateau Lafitte-Ceston, Pacherenc du Vic Bilh Sec. What a great night.

My first day at work in the new job was both busy and disorienting, since I had to both catch up on ten months of absence from Sydney and hit the ground running. By late yesterday I was feeling a little more in control and by today, now feel reasonably confident that I’m on top of the job. But as with moving to Perth earlier this year, taking up a new job and arriving in a “new” city has both its moments of pleasure and frustration.

I spoke with a few people on the phone from Perth yesterday. Staff in both cities were excited about the news of the radio ratings which was just terrific! And then I spoke with Damian in Perth today about the cricket weather. I hope that heaps of people will come over for our annual conference in May and that I might get back for the opening of the new building.

For the next few weeks life will be concentrated fairly strongly on work, but I’m sure there will be lots of social engagements and interesting things to report.

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