Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant
2-4 College St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9360 2523

I first went to Bodhi with my friend Sue, who is a vegan. Although the restaurant describes itself as vegetarian, I’m pretty sure the menu is vegan.

It’s always really popular on the weekend and on this particular occasion, we had to be quite determined to get a seat for the seven of us.

The location, near St Mary’s Cathedral and the Cook and Phillip Park is terrific, especially for lunch with a gorgeous micro fig tree located next to our table.

The crowd, as always, was very relaxed: an intriguing combination of inner city trendoids (the intelligentsia of course, since it’s vegan) and youngish couples with babies. Babies, babies, where did all the babies come from? We ate an awful lot.

At $25 per head, we managed to consume a lot of food, but didn’t necessarilly bloat ourselves. Highlights included some of the dumplings and spring rolls. I also really enjoyed the mango and sago deserts.

Although it’s usually quite good, on this occasion the service left a little to be desired, since we had to make repeated requests for more tea and some of the staff didn’t seem to look befor offering us food eg: we were all eating yummy deserts and yet the savoury meals were still being offered.

Some of the reviews I’ve read have focussed on poor service and dirty tables. Yes, I think Bodhi has all of that to a certain degree, but if that’s how you judge a restaurant and not by the food, you probably won’t enjoy Bodhi. I get the impression such reviews were written by people dragged along by their vegetarian, and semi-vegetarian friends, who still though vegetarian meant chicken and seafood would be served!

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