Stress pains

It’s Monday night and I’ve just had dinner, at the end of a long and stressful day. Work has been “full on” today, although not as stressful as I thought it might be. Nonetheless, I’m a little tired and stressed and my plan for an “alcohol free week” has fallen through.

The last week or so has been strongly focussed on work. With lots of things happening, including lots of change, I’m working long hours and the focus of the work – mostly people management – is fairly intense.

When I stop to think about what I’ve done that wasn’t work related, I have to scratch my head. Still, there have been some things.

On Saturday afternoon, Yvette came over to watch the video I made of our trip to Coonamble which was loads of fun.

And then on Saturday night, Colin, Ron and I went to see Matthew Robinson and Lucy Durack perform at our favourite new cabaret venue, Bar Me. In some ways they’re similar in style to Eddie Perfect in that they are part of the new breed of Australian cabaret – it’s not just show tunes from the 60s – but I suspect they’re actually more talented.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Colin’s place for a terrific lunch. We also watched Bette Midler in The Rose. We’d been to see Bette a couple of months ago and loved the show. Seeing this show was also very good, although a little more drawn out than any of us had remembered.

Tomorrow I’m off to a meeting of Sydney Bloggers.

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