Snow in Sydney?

After an unseasonably warm day, this is the kind of scene – “winter wonderland” – you don’t normally expect to see in Surry Hills at this time of the year, if ever…

It’s funny, because as I was walking home, I had an inkling hail was on the way, and then, within five minutes of walking in the door, small hail had started to fall. For a moment I thought that was it, but then it really started to come down, heavily, for about 20 minutes. An hour or so later, and there’s still hail on the ground.

I chatted briefly on the radio describing the scene. I don’t think I exaggerated things too much :)

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  1. Wow, that’s what you mainlanders think goes on in TasNarnia all the time! Lovely to see the mean streets appear so tranquil and wintery, it makes one think about Slurrey Hills in such a different way.

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