Wednesday Night

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

It was pretty cold tonight, as I ventured down to the Sydney Opera House to see Wil Anderson perform live. Damo and I had seen him perform a few years earlier at Belvoir Street Theatre, and we both thought he was very funny. And so when Damo suggested we go again tonight, I said yes almost instantly. As I recall that night at Belvoir Street, he wore a kilt, which was probably quite fashionable at the time.

Well, not fashionable really, more fashion victim, as kilts were being worn to dance parties and such. He’s still a bit of a fashion victim. In fact, before he came on stage I whispered to Damien, “I’ll bet he wears thongs…”

And of course, he did. As I’ve stated here previously, I like thongs and I think they have their place (the beach or a quick visit to the shops). But it’s certainly not in the middle of winter, it’s not indoors, and it’s especially not at the Sydney Opera House!

Despite the thongs, his act was really funny and there were many moments when we both laughed out quite loud. We were sitting next to a father and his teenage son, Triple M listeners I’m guessing since they both discussed him being “on air” until 6pm. As a result, there was a fair amount of teenage boy humour with comments about “fingering” and such, and a constant reference to a teenage boy in the audience called Tyson.

But it was far more political than I remembered last time, with references to global warming, religion and such. He didn’t need to be partisan though, as we all had a fair idea of where he was coming from.

Overall though, it was a good show. He’s very funny, he’s very smart, his comedy has “heart”, and he’s as cute as a button, despite the thongs!

Earlier in the night, Damo and I had a meal at One Alfred Street, which is near Starbucks at Circular Quay. We shared a bottle of wine, some pate and a pizza, all of which were VERY enjoyable.

A good night, despite the cold wind at Circular Quay.

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  1. I’m glad I’ve never found him particularly funny so that I was not that Tyson. But I AM seeing a particular Mr. Sondheim on Friday, public transport withstanding.

  2. Yes Tyson, but he IS cute, you must admit? This is even though a workmate told me tonight she didn’t like him…. “Ewww… I always though he looked quite dirty”, she said. And he is funny. And when the guy’s name was mentioned as Tyson I thought of you, since you’re the only other person called Tyson I know.

    I hope you enjoy Mr Sondheim. A good friend of mine is going to opening night and then on Friday, he is in row 7 or something like that, right in the middle for the exclusive audience. He’s very excited and I’m sure he’ll ask a thousand questions. I’d attend if I could, but work is a bit frantic right now.

    On Friday night, we’re going to see Robert Bertram at “Bar Me”. We saw him a few months back at Statement Bar as part of the WAAPA graduating class, and last week in the SMH he was described as the “new Hugh Jackman”. I don’t know about that, but he’s funny and talented and we’re both looking forward to the show. Speaking of which, my friend Damo shared a plane with Hugh, Deborah and the kids from the Gold Coast to Sydney on Sunday.

    Congratulations on your results, by the way.

  3. Anderson is an odious grub. Thank God the ABC put an axe through that biased, disgraceful, fifth-rate twaddle he used to dish out every week.

    You would have been better off staying at home and staring at the wall.

  4. Hrm, he’s a little… smarmy… for my liking. I’m sorry to admit he doesn’t tickle my fancies at all.

    I’ve never heard of Robert Bertram, but sounds interesting. I guess I’d know more of these people if I was able to get to more gigs in Sydney.

    Thanks for the congrats. :)

  5. Hi Isabella – nice to meet you on my blog. He’s not to your taste and I respect that. Variety is the spice of life, I guess. I hope you didn’t spend the night at home staring at the wall, by the way. Cheers, James

    Hi Tyson – Here’s a link to the SMH article which starts…

    WHEN the fresh-faced music theatre graduate Robert Bertram took to the stage to perform for actors’ agents and casting directors late last year, he decided to lean towards comedy rather than pure song.

    A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, or WAAPA as it is better known, Bertram was among the hopefuls taking part in its annual showcase to the industry. It is tough and competitive. Each graduate gets about 10 minutes to deliver an acting scene and a song.

    Bertram, who makes his cabaret debut this week, recalls steadying his nerves, then giving it his best shot.

    “For the acting scene I chose a sketch from The Carol Burnett Show called The Funeral Parlour; it’s about a psychopath turning up to a wake,” Bertram says. “My routine was after Lano and Woodley in a fashion as their style of comedy appealed to me.”

    And the song?

    “Well, I did think twice about performing it; a song I’d written called I WantTo Be Hugh Jackman,” he says with a grin. “It seemed to go well but the room was very quiet because the agents are busy taking notes.”

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