Let Me Explain

I was at the Lewisham Hotel with Graeme and John last night (and a few others) when all of a sudden my eyes were drawn to the poster on the wall. It was a “signed” tour poster featuring Sammy Davis Junior, Liza Minelli and Frank Sinatra. The most obvious thing about the poster was that Liza looked totally smashed (that mid-distance cocaine stare), so it looked like poor Sammy and Frank were having to hold her up.

And then I looked down a bit further…

…and saw a bracketed explanation of “theatre in the round”. Did we really need it explained?

I also thought it was cute – and a sign of the times – that you could actually write in for tickets. Ah, how times have changed.

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  1. How funny. I hadn’t noticed. I took the photo during a break in the football, so it must have been an advertisement. And I just noticed my reflection too!

  2. Actually if that was Friday night it actually looks like a scene out of Two and a Half Men… which is kind of embarrassing to admit to knowing…

    I did initially think it was porn too though :)

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