Reality Bites

James is dressed by H&M...
James is dressed by H&M...
You know how after the Sydney Olympics there were all those volunteers who refused to take off their uniforms? For months afterwards you would see them walking around the city wearing those big coats and hats. Well, I think I’m turning into one of those kind of people, except for me it’s the clothes I bought in Sweden.

I guess I’m in denial about returning to work next week, and wearing the holiday clothes is my way (I guess) of making the holiday last longer. Don’t worry, I am washing them.

I love my job (mostly) and I feel really lucky to be able to do what I do. But when I left to go overseas, I think I’d be the first to admit I was exhausted. It can be a stressful job and sometimes I’ve felt squeezed. But now I feel totally refreshed, and probably a lot more in control of my life than when I left.

I’ve also discovered over the last few months just how much I also really enjoy my own time, too. I love getting out of bed at about eight o’clock each morning. I love sitting around in the morning reading email, surfing the net, doing all of those kinda things. I love going out for a coffee. I love just having lots of time for myself. And the weather’s been great. But my holiday is coming to an end, as I return to work on Tuesday.

So I’m making the most of the next few days. Today, for example, I met a guy who I’ve been chatting with one Facebook for a while. The weird thing is we were born on the same day of the same year, making us exact peers. Over coffee, we established we have a lot of common interests.

And then tonight, it was the usual Wednesday night at the pub, chatting about life, the universe and ABBA.

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  1. James, we need some sort of celebration before you head back to the daily grind. You had a ‘farewell’ party, so a ‘welcome back’ one seems only fitting…

  2. Well, at least you don’t have one of those Red and Orange backpacks. Those were so three months ago.

    Good luck for the return to work!

  3. We just need to find rich husbands and then we can live the life you are describing. In the meantime…. we go to work

  4. I can highly recommend taking a day off and getting slathered in chocolate about a month after your return.

    It certainly made my holiday zen last that smidge longer

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