Agnetha och Anni-Frid

You know how Agnetha and Frida are being slowly written out of ABBA history? You know how it’s all suddenly about the well-crafted songs and not the performances?

It really shits me that Bjorn has begun to say things like “I don’t think of them as ABBA songs any more. I think of them as ‘Mamma Mia’ songs”.

Of course we all know that without Agnetha and Frida, Bjorn and Benny would still be writing songs for Melodifestivalen…

That’s why I’m pleased that in the last week or so in Sweden, this has been redressed as Agnetha and Anni-Frid were given a a “LIfetime Achievement” award.

It’s a lovely moment to see them together, happy and funny, after all these years. Here’s the video with English subtitles…

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  1. This message came through on a contact form…

    I am happy to contact some one who got on to ABBA songs at a very young age. I was also hooked to ABBA magic at 13yrs of age, when we had only radio to listen to them. I had decorated the walls my room completely with pictures of ABBA. Those angels, their songs filled my life and it was so beautiful. My heart broke when they split. Yesterday when I was listening to their songs, Icould’nt stop my tears. Blessed are those who saw them live. To me they remained a dream. I wish Agnetha and Frida have a secured and happy life. Things went cruel to them.

  2. I’d like to send a letter to Agnetha and Anni-Frid too. But, I need of the post addresses of the two artist. Can you to send these addresses – P.O. Box – to I write them? thank you
    Cordially, José rubens – from Brazil

    1. Hello José

      I’d suggest either
      P.O. Box 3079
      4700 GB Roosendaal
      The Netherlands


      Södra Brobänken 41
      111 49 STOCKHOLM


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