Five Years

Before I became a mid-ranking bureaucrat, I used to participate in a regular segment on ABC Radio called “Talkabout”. It’s a “news review” program, broadcast Saturdays.

In my capacity as a mid-ranking bureaucrat, I was invited back this week and had a few things to say on the radio this morning about stuff…

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  1. you sounded great but if only you could have cut all the rubbish out….argh it took forever to listen to it. It’d be great if you do it again just to have the bits with you in it. the music and adverts and other interviews were comatosing. your voice sounds sexy on the radio so you’ve still got it!

  2. Graeme – Thanks. You know you can fast-forward?

    Victor – I loved how everyone thought I was joking when I said my favourite music was Scandinavian trance!!!

  3. I missed this yesterday so it was interesting to hear it. Thanks. Simone’s mother-in-law is one of our theatre group, and Simone sometimes joins us when she’s in Sydney. I think she has a gorgeous voice.

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