Swedish Boyfriend

According to this article in The Local…

A catchy hit inspired by a lovestruck Tokyo girl’s new life in Malmö has soared to the top of the charts in Japan, as a wave of Swedish influences washes over the country’s musical landscape.

Aita Katta (Swedish Boyfriend), by 48-member (!) girl band AKB48 has rocketed straight to the top spot after a week of heavy rotation on MTV and Japanese radio networks.

Or click here for the version with English subtitles…

PS. A Japanese bloke I work with confirmed it’s an April Fool’s joke. The lyrics are nothing like what they pretend to be.

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  1. Haha! J-Pop…LOL I also have a new understanding for why people are so obsessed with Japanese schoolgirls…

    Was excited for a moment there because I thought you had gotten yourself a Swedish Boyfriend ;)

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