Lunch at Maccas

House Rules at Machiavelli Restaurant - No shorts and no thongs.
House Rules at Machiavelli Restaurant - No shorts and no thongs.

There’s something a little bit decadent about asking for the afternoon off to go out for lunch.

But that’s exactly what I did, as a couple of friends suggested we go out for a long lunch at Machiavelli’s.

I’m obviously not in the right circles, or else I would have known Machiavelli’s is somewhat of a Sydney institution. Apparently (or allegedly) it’s where lots of business and political deals are done, or at least celebrated in some way, or something like that.

“There’s a lot of blokes in white shirts”, Fran noticed as we looked around the room.

But not all of them were all that well dressed, we noted. They might have been aspiring to 1980s style corporate life, but there’s was an awful lot of Lowes clothing in the room also, as we noted from the blokes on our right hand side. Seriously guys, if you’re gonna go out for lunch at Machiavelli’s, remember to remove your NSW Government department lanyard from your hip pocket.

On our left hand side was a group of six to eight people who had a very “Double Bay” air about themselves.

The rest of the room was blokes in white shirts, though I may have spotted one or two women sitting in a corner somewhere :)

For lunch, I had half a dozen oysters, followed by the house spaghetti (spaghetti, crab meat, some chilli), both of which were EXCELLENT. Our meals were accompanied by a cab-merlot blend from WA. Overall, it was a pretty good dining experience. And of course we had a great time, laughing, gossiping, chatting, and generally enjoying life.

The restaurant runs to a clock-like precision, with the service best described as “efficient and friendly”.

Oh, and did I mention the waiters were hot?

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