Saturday Night Fever

The hosts for Eurovision 2009. Or are Tom and Nicole back together?
The hosts for Eurovision 2009. Or are Tom and Nicole back together?

“You know everyone in the UK thinks it’s a joke?”, a bloke I met last night told me of Eurovision.

I actually think there’s a degree of xenophobia in the “Eurovision As Joke” school of thought that you often find with people from the UK, reflecting a deeper series of feelings about England and Europe. But that’s another story, I guess.

Yeah, there are some dud songs, and some woeful performances, but I genuinely the spectacle of it all, and, at a deeper philosophical level, think it’s great that countries can be brought together in a way that doesn’t involve politics or sport. I also think it’s an interesting chronicle of the times, and how the world has changed.

I missed most of last night’s semi-final, but watched tonight’s and enjoyed it very much. My favourites from tonight were the singers from Estonia and Lithuania (power ballads, one with a poperactic feel), and the act from Moldova. By and large, though, I enjoyed most of the songs.

The hosts, on the other hand, were shocking. Phrases like “Victor, you are a very unattractive man” (from Fast Foward) came to mind, as they appeared to be direct from Eurovision Central Casting.

In 2006 the hosts bore a remarkable resemblance to Will and Grace.
In 2006 the hosts bore a remarkable resemblance to Will and Grace.

For me, the most memorable hosts were the couple from 2006 who bore a remarkable resemblance from Will & Grace.

“Disappointed with Albania’s performance. Better than the national final though x”, came the text message earlier tonight from my mate, Louisa who is even more interested in/aware of Eurovision than I am.

I sent my friend Patrick a text tonight wishing him all the best. Lucky buggar is in Moscow for Eurovision.

And so here it is, Saturday night, I’ve had some pizza and I’m now half-watching ABBA – The Movie for the umpteenth time.

“Life is as good as an ABBA song. It’s as good as ‘Dancing Queen’”.

3 responses to “Saturday Night Fever”

  1. The Other Andrew Avatar

    The hosts are SO BAD. A new low.

  2. Tom Avatar

    I don’t think it’s Xenophobia. England has always had a different style of music from most of the Euro countries. Tell me you don’t watch some of the performances and laugh? The bloc-voting of recent years has been a joke though, and there is much resentment that it’s the national broadcasters of the larger countries who pay for the competition but don’t get much of a look-in. Apparently they’ve changed the voting system now so that will be interesting. I’m intrigued to see how Graham Norton will compare to Terry Wogan!

  3. Mark Avatar

    I agree. It’s not just a big joke – although, to be honest, it is quite funny anyway.

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