Plonk Tuesday

Wine tasting in the Inner West
Wine tasting in the Inner West

“What does MIA stand for?” asked the host for tonight’s wine tasting.

While those who watch too much American television might have instantly offered “missing in action”, I responded with “Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area” and won a bottle of wine for my troubles.

The Other Andrew and I went to a Wine Tasting at The Clarence.

As Andrew wrote on his blog…

Tonight I’m off to a wine tasting at a local gay bar. Fun! $10 gets you a tasting glass which you can refill as many times over as you want from the different wines being presented. There’s finger food and special offers on the wines being sampled, and each month a different winery presents their wines.

As you might expect, the evening was a lot more informal than most wine tastings I’ve been to. “Do you like it?” and “What food should go with it?” seemed to be the more commonly asked questions, rather than some of the more esoteric aspects of wine-making.

At the end of each tasting we were asked to hold up fingers to indicate the number of points out of ten which we gave the wine, resulting in an overall score for the evening.

Tonight it was McWilliams Wines, with a rep. called Luke attending. So in addition to the Hanwood range of wines, we also tasted some Evans and Tate, which McWilliams recently acquired, and ended off the night with Drambuie which is also in their stable.

A good fun night… and of course, great value… especially since I won a bottle of wine. “I used to live in the area”, I explained to Luke as he handed over my prize.

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