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You know how I was saying I was working a little bit too hard the other day, and how I thought that had contributed to my weight gain?

Well tonight didn’t help much either, as dinner tonight consisted of an awful lot of champagne and canapes.

I was reminded briefly of a friend who used to work in the art world, and observed that she spent about two years in which her evening meal consisted of nothing but champagne and canapes, as she attended a range of social functions associated with her work.

“I became very fat”, she later observed.

Related to my work, I attended two functions tonight with champagne and canapes, and which billed themselves as international events.

The World Masters Games starts in ten days and features about 25,000 athletes competing, making it significantly larger than the Olympic Games.

“What was it like here in Sydney during The Games?”, a colleague who was from another city asked me over a glass of bubbly tonight. “Bloody fantastic”, I told her, observing there was lots to do both in terms of sport and cultural activities, the trains ran on time, the roads were reasonably free of traffic, and the city had a great spirit of co-operation about it.

The other event launch I attended was for the inaugural Sydney International Food Festival, an event which has grown from the Good Food Month.

“Sydney is such a great place to eat”, I thought to myself over another glass of champagne. I love the fact that we have those really world class restaurants, which are often very expensive, but we also have an AMAZINGLY good range of cheap food. Not a week goes by when I don’t discover something new and interesting.

And best of all… “Mamma MIa” is about to re-launch at Star City.

This is truly a global city :)

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