Eating Well

David Jones Prawn Salad
David Jones Prawn Salad

Mindful of my my rant earlier this week about having recently put on weight lately, I’ve been eating sensibly the last few days.

Well, if you exclude the champagne and canapes the other night, and the glass of wine I had with a lunch today.

But I figured a prawn salad was a reasonably healthy lunchtime option.

Outside the weather was awful, but inside the David Jones Food Hall, it was warm and cosey and the perfect place for a late lunch.

I’d just been to the Opera House for “Soapbox”, a public speaking event as part of the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas.

The finalists ranged in age from a thirteen year old boy who spoke about how religion needed new meaning, to a woman in her 60s or 70s who presumably has a terminal illness who spoke about her “right” to choose the timing of her own death.

There was also a woman who spoke naked – “well, as naked as I can be at the opera house”, she said – about women’s body issues.

I loved the bloke who spoke about why he hates people who press the traffic light button after you’ve already done it. “Do you think I’m an idiot? Do you doubt my ability to press a button?”, he asked. Not a particularly dangerous idea, but pretty amusing in its execution.

Food for the mind.

The event was going to be outside on the forecourt of the Opera House, but ended up inside at The Studio due to the poor weather.

When I got home this afternoon – after a bit of window-shopping – I found myself a nice spot on the couch and had a nap. It’s that kind of weather in Sydney.

Oddly enough with so much to do in Sydney this month – Art and About, Cockatoo Island Comedy Festival, Sydney International Food Festival etc – the weather’s been pretty crappy the last few days.

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