Manic Monday

Gallery Window Crown Street, Surry Hills
Gallery Window Crown Street, Surry Hills

I went for a look in shop windows on the way home from work today.

It was one of “those days”.

You know the ones I mean? The ones where you don’t achieve all that you’d hoped, and you come home with little sense of real achievement.

There’s a line in an ABBA song, “Me and I” which resonated in my mind as I sat on the bus to Taylor Square after work.

“It may seem to you I try to break through open doors.”

Ah well, some days are like that, I guess.

And so tonight I went for a bit of a look in shop windows around Darlinghurst and Surry Hills.

In particular, I loved this painting in a gallery on Crown Street.

I also had a beer in a pub on the way home.

The combination of all this helped clear my head.

Okay, so tomorrow is Tuesday and hopefully it’s going to be a far more interesting, far more creative day. If not, there’s always Swedish Class tomorrow night, The Nordic Film Festival this weekend, and Liza at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday night.

In short, I should just shut up and get on with life, eh?

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