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I’m a little disappointed tonight.

I got online at just the right time. I re-set my previous registration. I followed the prompts at just the right time. I tried in both English and Swedish. And I still missed out on tickets for the finals for Melodifestivalen, the Swedish competition leading to Eurovision.

I’m going to be in Stockholm next March, with Melodifestivalen something I really want to attend. And so when I read tickets went on sale tonight at 6.00pm Sydney time, I was ready to go.

Tickets however seem to sell out almost instantly. I’d imagine tickets might become available later. Perhaps a Swedish fan could advise if that’s the case? Or I might need to go looking on the ticket black market? Anyway, I’m sure it will be fine. By hook or by crook I’ll be there.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been umming and ahhing and faffing around for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve finally done it. I’ve booked a flight to Stockholm, arriving March 4 to spend four weeks there.

Unlike the last time, during the summer of last year, it will be a little colder. I’m even hoping there might be some snow, even though I’m generally a “warm climate” kinda guy myself.

Beyond a general idea of “living in Stockholm for a while”, and going to a work-related conference in Copenhagen on March 18 and 19, I’ve yet to work out what I’ll do.

Even though tickets for Melodifestivalen are sold out, I see Sarah Dawn Finer is playing Chinese Theatre during the month, and Bjorn Skiffs is at Circus.

For me the trip is on many levels. I’d like to see, for example, if I could “live” in a colder place than I am used to, where the days are shorter etc. If I can, I’m hoping to live or work in Stockholm for maybe a year. Who knows?

Anyway, I’m gonna be in Sweden/Denmark in March, and maybe elsewhere for a day or two.

Very bloody excited!

Aside from that, it’s been a reasonably eventless day. Well, aside from most of the people I encountered today being in a very silly mood. I blame the weather. It was far too nice a day to remain indoors. Or maybe it’s the phase of the moon?

I was chatting with mate at work who noted the moon had changed, and that probably helps to explain it. Or maybe it’s that time of the year? He updated his Facebook status with “I’m a farm boy trapped in a city – all I want is a vegie patch and chooks”.

“I know how you feel”, I told him. “I’m a Swedish boy trapped in Sydney – all I want is fashionable furniture and clothing, a democratic society and tickets to Melodifestivalen”.

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  1. Bugger. I’m sure you’ll get in somehow though. Is there a “I’m in the meeja” card you can play?

      1. Sorry… badly put! I didn’t mean in an unethical mercenary way, I was more thinking of you putting out some feelers to see if any friends of friends of friends might be able to invite you!

  2. But surely you made some contacts in Swedish radio. Maybe talk to some of them.

      1. No, it isn’t. Surely in your business, it’s all about networking and the such. I’m sure media organisations get extra tickets for such situations. That’s how it works, surely.

          1. That was easier than I thought! :)

            Now go and do your Swedish homework. Just because you’re not going tomorrow doesn’t mean that you can’t write something. ;)

            1. I went to the Nordic Film Festival. I booked a ticket to Sweden. I listened to Swedish pop everyday. I tried to book tickets to Melodifestivalen. And I wrote some emails in Swedish. That’s surely enough?

  3. Enough is never enough. Just ask teacher. :)

    Write about what you did during the week and send it in. This week I wrote a page about the Nordic Film Festival, summarising what I saw as well as what I thought about Dendy.

    1. I’ve done pretty much the same for next week. As much as I love Swedish class, dinner at Aqua was also very nice!

      1. Write about the dinner. I find that if you write about the every day things you enjoy then it helps with your every day conversation. Imagine you’re telling a Swedish friend about the evening. The good thing with writing is that you can take the time to prepare what you want to say and learn the Swedish words and phrases you need to know to talk about your topic, in this case food.

  4. I bought thermal underwear for a trip to Sweden that was in March.

    What gets me is that you need 20 layers of clothes outside but as soon as you walk into someone’s house or a pub, you need to take 19 layers off because of the central heating!

    Your test is: if it is dark, raining and miserable for most of the month – and you still love Stockholm – then yes, you can snatch the pebble from my hand…er….you can move to Sweden for a year!

  5. I would love to live in Stockholm for a year. But I still like Sydney the best.
    Living in the UK for five years was OK but I was relieved to come back.
    If you move, I’m coming over to visit!

    1. Let me get through March yet! And yes, I think living in the UK for 5 years would make me a little homesick too.

  6. OK, I am your polar opposite: an American girl trapped in Stockholm and wanting to live in Sydney!
    I will ask around here to see if friends have suggestions on how to get to Melodifestivalen.
    And as I have already said, March weather is not inspiring here, so if you survive you will love it.
    By the way, I am going to see Nick Cave tonight….

    1. Thanks Sandra, although I am now getting slightly paranoid about the weather and the cold. A friend is lending me a jacket he bought to cope with the freezing cold of China in the midst of winter, so hopefully enough.

      1. Don’t be a wimp! ;) The weather’s not that bad in March. Make sure you have a good jacket as well as gloves, a beanie and scarf and you’ll be fine. Sweden has great central heating when you’re indoors and you’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt to the outdoors. If it really worries you, get some thermal underwear but you’ll probably find you don’t need it. The temperatures should mainly be on the right side of zero.

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