Storm Boy, where are you?

Another day, another irrigation facility.

You know how we visited the lock at Goolwa the other day? Well, today we went through the lock, as part of a six-hour tour of The Coorong. The Coorong is essentially the area where the Murray meets the sea. It’s probably most famous in an Australian context as the setting for the great book and film, “Storm Boy”.

Although it’s a long time since I’ve read the book and seen the film, they still hold strong memories for me, as it’s a story of a young boy and his friendship with a pelican. Well, it’s about him growing up, really, but the friendship with Mr Percival is the key to the story. Soon after going through the lock today, we saw the area where most of the filming was done. It’s nothing special to look at now, but it’s special to me and many others for all of those obvious reasons.

Further into The Coorong you see some really special territory, including large sand dunes, fishing shacks, and lots of evidence of Aboriginal settlement over thousands and thousands of years. Along the way, we learned a lot more about the environmental threats which face the area, as the salt water encroaches further and further inland, and as the fresh water declines. “If you were Peter Garrett, what would you do?”, Sue asked one of the guys on the tour, to which he quickly and emphathically replied, “Buy Cubby Station immediately. Don’t even think twice”.

Highlights included the dune walks, including crossing to the Great Southern Ocean, as well as seeing pelicans, seals, and even some emus closeup in the water and on the dunes.

The tour lasted about six hours, which included two lengthy walks, as well as lunch and afternoon tea on the boat, which both Sue and I thought was good value.

Arriving in Adelaide tonight I see that, despite my dapper new hat which I purchased for just $15 at the markets, I have a case of sunburn. In the end, it’s a small cost to pay for a terrific day out on the water. Tonight we’re sitting back and relaxing after an otherwise exhausting day. It’s a warm night and I’m expecting a good night’s sleep.

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