Christmas Party Again

Soft shell crab at The Coopers
Soft shell crab at The Coopers

“But you’ve already had a Christmas Party”, Graeme said to me at the pub tonight.

One of the advantages of changing jobs at the end of the year is you get to go to two Christmas parties. One for the old job, and one for the new.

And today was a party for the new job.

It was a lovely affair, lunch at The Coopers Hotel in Newtown.

I went there a few months ago for lunch with James and John and was impressed that it was low-priced, and had good food and atmosphere. It was a no-brainer to book it for our Christmas lunch.

Aside from that, it was a reasonably intense day back at work.

Thanks to the Crackberry, I managed to keep on top of things while I was away. But not in an obsessive kind of way, just in a quick check kind of way so there were “no dramas” when I arrived back.

Still, there were a couple of things I needed to get done both before and after lunch, and mostly I achieved them.

The day started with a work phone call at about 7.30am, and finished with one at 7.30pm.

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