Odd Request

There are dozens and dozens of signs in Flinders Street Station suggesting people spend their NYE in Sydney.

Geez, don’t they know how crowded it already gets? :)

I’m enjoying my time in Melbourne very much. Work is going well.

And I’m booked into a great room tonight at a very reasonable price. Although it’s a little further away (10 minute walk) from where most people from work stay when they come to Melbourne, it’s actually a bit cheaper.

Also tonight I caught up for a beer with a colleague I used to work with in Sydney who moved to Melbourne for love earlier this year. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out all that well for him love-wise, though he’s enjoying his job nonetheless.

Afterwards I wandered off to check out the rather moribund gay scene in Melbourne. Geez, I thought Sydney was bad these days. Melbourne on a Wednesday was almost as dire as Riga (Latvia) on a Tuesday.

There was a highlight though, and it’s something I’m still giggling about.

A bloke came up to me, introduced himself to me, and then asked if I could pay the taxi driver who had been waiting outside the bar for quite some time.

I giggled and replied, “Yes mate, you’re right. I don’t know you”… :)

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