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  • Lazy Day in Melbourne

    Lazy Day in Melbourne

    Do you remember “Eric The Eel?” If not, Eric Moussambani Malonga, who was from Equatorial Guinea, was a wildcard entrant at the Sydney Olympics. He had never swum in a 50m pool before, and after a couple of false starts, and moments when it seemed like he might not have been able to finish the race, he eventually finished the heat as a lone swimmer in close to two minutes.… Read the rest “Lazy Day in Melbourne”

  • Melbourne Needs Hills

    Melbourne Needs Hills

    “Ding Ding”. I smiled when I heard the familiar sound of a tram. After a long absence, light rail (trams) will soon return more prominently to the streets of Sydney. Although we’ve had them for a while around the casino and the Inner West, they’ve been absent for decades from the main CBD, and around the neighbourhood where I live, Surry Hills.… Read the rest “Melbourne Needs Hills”

  • Movies, Food, Friends and Travel

    Movies, Food, Friends and Travel

    I’m normally asleep before take-off. Within seconds of switching off my mobile phone, my head can normally be found bobbing from side to side, probably to the annoyance of the person sitting next to me. And there is always only one, as I have a preference for aisle seats. I don’t want to be the one who has to ask for permission to slide through on my way to the toilet.… Read the rest “Movies, Food, Friends and Travel”

  • Visiting Melbourne

    Visiting Melbourne

    A decade ago, or maybe more, I went into the “wrong toilet” at an Irish bar in Darwin. “Mna, that sounds like men, and fir, that sounds like female”, I thought to myself. In reality, it was the other way around, as I discovered, seated, when female voices appeared in the cubicles next to me.… Read the rest “Visiting Melbourne”

  • Swedish Day at the Ice Hockey in Melbourne

    Swedish Day at the Ice Hockey in Melbourne

    You know the character, “Ronald Niedermann” in one of the episodes of the Swedish TV production of “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo?”. He has a congential condition where he has no feelings of pain, and subsequent attempts to kill him off are completely unsuccessful. In the films, he has a steely gaze which basically says “don’t F… with me”.… Read the rest “Swedish Day at the Ice Hockey in Melbourne”

  • Visiting Melbourne – Sunday night at DT’s

    Visiting Melbourne – Sunday night at DT’s

    For a bunch of reasons, there aren’t too many “gay bars” any-more. It doesn’t worry me too much, though a friend bemoans the lack of a “traditional” neighbourhood bar, where you can go and have a drink, have a chat, meet some nice blokes, and maybe “catch up”. Or at least that’s the case in most cities around the world it seems.… Read the rest “Visiting Melbourne – Sunday night at DT’s”

  • Day in Melbourne

    It was one of those days. My alarm went off at 4.00am, but I stayed in bed until 4.30am. Being so close to the airport, I figured I could stay in bed until the absolute last minute.

    We left Sydney at 6.00am, got to Melbourne 7.35am. I slept most of the way.… Read the rest “Day in Melbourne”

  • Melbourne Day

    Melbourne Day

    “I feel like some ice-cream or some gelato”, I said to my friend Sue, so she suggested Brunetti’s at Carlton as one of those quintessential Melbourne experiences.

    We had plans of heading out into the country to look at some of the bushfire affected areas, and to do our bit to help their economic recovery, but decided the combination of cold and wet weather, and long distances, meant a day in Melbourne instead.… Read the rest “Melbourne Day”

  • Life is as good as Dancing Queen

    “You have the best life” was the Twitter reply I received from @swedense

    I’d just written a note to say thankyou for all of his/her tweets about the Swedish Royal Wedding, while explaining that I too, was enjoying some Swedish royalty of my own.

    I was at an event featuring ABBA fans who had gathered to celebrate the opening of “ABBAWORLD” in Melbourne.… Read the rest “Life is as good as Dancing Queen”