Visiting Melbourne

A decade ago, or maybe more, I went into the “wrong toilet” at an Irish bar in Darwin. “Mna, that sounds like men, and fir, that sounds like female”, I thought to myself. In reality, it was the other way around, as I discovered, seated, when female voices appeared in the cubicles next to me. In these days of unisex toilets in many bars in Sydney, it doesn’t matter so much. But there was absolutely no doubt in my mind, as I entered the bathrooms at Melbourne’s Red Spice Road restaurant on Tuesday night, as you’ll see from the photograph below.

I’ve been in Melbourne for the first time in “ages”, hosting/attending a team meeting, and getting to meet some of the members of my new “expanded” team. I also caught up with an old school friend (we’ve known each other almost forty years), along with another bloke, who I’ve chatted with online since the days of Myspace. It was terrific to catch up with my old school-friend, as we reminisced, but also spoke a lot about our current lives, enjoying food and wine at the simply named, “Wine Store”, opposite Parliament House. It was also terrific to catch up with “imaginary internet friend” (as Carol calls them), and to discover we we had heaps to talk about in real life, and not just online.

Holding a team meeting and meeting new people is always exhausting, so it’s nice to be home. A glass of wine. Listening to Chris Bath on the radio. Catching up on blogs. About as good as it gets.

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  1. I adore the wine shop! We’ve spent many a lovely afternoon sitting on the little verandah enjoying a few glasses and people watching.

    One of the very few things I miss about giving up drinking – the last trip to Melbourne wasn’t quite the same without it!

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