Visiting Melbourne – Sunday night at DT’s

For a bunch of reasons, there aren’t too many “gay bars” any-more. It doesn’t worry me too much, though a friend bemoans the lack of a “traditional” neighbourhood bar, where you can go and have a drink, have a chat, meet some nice blokes, and maybe “catch up”. Or at least that’s the case in most cities around the world it seems. I’m curious to see if that will be the case in Tokyo (which I’ll be visiting in July) which boasts 300 neighbourhood gay bars in a small area. Even though they’ve pretty much disappeared for the most part in Australia, Melbourne still has one, it seems: DT’s. Amusingly enough, the most friendly people in the bar were actually a group of guys from Sydney (two of whom live metres away from me) who befriended me on a Melbourne cold, winter’s night.

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  1. DTs must be the last bar in Melbourne of its kind. While we no longer go to bars in Melbourne, I rather like the friendliness of Sydney bars,as we experienced earlier this year.

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