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  • My Tribe

    My Tribe

    The disco ball on the top floor of the former Albury Hotel caught my eye, as I caught a bus along Oxford Street the other day.

    Immediately my mind flashed back to the late 1990s when the Albury was (probably) Sydney’s most popular gay bar.… Read the rest

  • Sometimes


    I saw something on Facebook the other week about “Crimson: A Night Of Queer Cabaret” at Lismore’s Star Court Theatre.

    The same theatre I went to as a child, mostly on a Saturday morning (with my school friend, Mark Anderson).… Read the rest

  • Capsis at The Wharf

    Capsis at The Wharf

    “I’m not sure I’d like to spend an evening over a few bottles of wine with him”, I joked to my friend, as we chatted over dinner, having seen Paul Capsis perform earlier in the night..… Read the rest

  • Where’s Destiny?

    Where’s Destiny?

    I noticed there was a bloke with a “Hall & Oates” haircut as I looked around the room at “The Sportsman’s Hotel” in Brisbane last night. Do you remember THAT 80s look?… Read the rest

  • Big Events

    Big Events

    “I think she might be Scomo’s biggest mistake”, an “old leftie” whispered into my ear at the Andrew Olle Media Lecture.

    There was a perception, rightly or wrongly, that the appointment of Ita Buttrose as ABC Chair was simply another political appointment and that Ita would do the “government’s bidding”.… Read the rest

  • Mary Poppins & the ABC

    Mary Poppins & the ABC

    It may surprise you to discover there’s a statue of Mary Poppins in a park in the NSW country town, Bowral. I hadn’t realised the town’s connection until I visited a couple of years ago.… Read the rest

  • Red and Purple

    Red and Purple

    For the first time today in decades, I felt that all too common feeling of sunburn on the back of my neck. Though sunburn was pretty common when I was a child, I’ve had long-term awareness about the risks of skin cancer, especially since I have fair skin and red-haired ancestry, always wearing a hat and sunblock to significant outdoor events.… Read the rest

  • Tropical Fruits NYE

    Tropical Fruits NYE

    “I’ll go there for an hour or two, right at the beginning of the night, before the crowds have arrived and I’ll be home by ten”, I thought to myself as walked to the Lismore Showground.… Read the rest

  • Joe Bell

    Joe Bell

    There was a moment of stunned silence when I told my friends at lunch on Friday I was going to a 10 am Saturday movie screening. Though we’re all of the age that remembers the “Saturday matinees”, I think most people think of going to the cinema as something you might do in the afternoon or evening.… Read the rest

  • Fruity Fridays

    Fruity Fridays

    As I left home tonight, I felt genuinely excited about attending “Fruity Fridays” at Lismore’s Civic Hotel.

    The event, organised by Lismore’s LGBTQIA+ organisation is held on the first Friday of every month, and tonight was the first time in many years that I’ve been in Lismore on the first Friday.… Read the rest

  • Catching Up (On Sleep)

    Catching Up (On Sleep)

    I spent a fair bit of this weekend napping. It’s not like I’ve been working excessively long hours, or going out “clubbing” (heaven forbid), I’ve just been feeling a bit tired this weekend.… Read the rest

  • Big Friday Night

    Big Friday Night

    “You had a big night”, one of my friends said to me over lunch on the weekend, remarking that we’d corresponded a few times by messenger. “You were at The Bears, and then you were at Palms”, he said.… Read the rest