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  • Fruity Fridays

    Fruity Fridays

    As I left home tonight, I felt genuinely excited about attending “Fruity Fridays” at Lismore’s Civic Hotel.

    The event, organised by Lismore’s LGBTQIA+ organisation is held on the first Friday of every month, and tonight was the first time in many years that I’ve been in Lismore on the first Friday.… Read the rest “Fruity Fridays”

  • Catching Up (On Sleep)

    Catching Up (On Sleep)

    I spent a fair bit of this weekend napping. It’s not like I’ve been working excessively long hours, or going out “clubbing” (heaven forbid), I’ve just been feeling a bit tired this weekend. By nature, I’m an introvert, and that usually means socialising really tires me out.

    Despite having gone into a career which involves a lot of public speaking, meetings and, generally chatting to people, my natural instinct is for solitary pursuits.… Read the rest “Catching Up (On Sleep)”

  • Big Friday Night

    Big Friday Night

    “You had a big night”, one of my friends said to me over lunch on the weekend, remarking that we’d corresponded a few times by messenger. “You were at The Bears, and then you were at Palms”, he said. I remember texting him about a song I’d heard at Harbour City Bears at Kinsela’s.… Read the rest “Big Friday Night”

  • Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras

    About 10.45am on Friday, I received the following text message from a friend and former colleague. “Watching you on tv xxx move out from behind Nat where do I buy merch?” Shortly afterwards, she added, “Ps I’m in WA forgot time difference”. If you look closely at the video below, you’ll see me as a “backdrop” to a live cross on ABC News Breakfast.… Read the rest “Mardi Gras”

  • Wagga Wagga Gays and Lesbians (early 90s)

    Wagga Wagga Gays and Lesbians (early 90s)

    NOTE: This article is under constant revision, as new bits and pieces of information come to light. If you have any further bits and pieces of information to add, please contribute in the comments below.

    I’ll never forget the first words Colin Anderson ever said to me. Colin was Head of Drama at Charles Sturt University.… Read the rest “Wagga Wagga Gays and Lesbians (early 90s)”

  • A Wagga boys story

    A Wagga boys story

    I spent an hour or so this evening at the State Library of NSW. There were a few old newspaper articles I was interested in, as part of a story I’m writing for this blog. During the early 1990s, I was one of a number of people who cofounded the Riverina Gay and Lesbian Social & Support Group.… Read the rest “A Wagga boys story”

  • Wagga Wagga : Then and Now

    Wagga Wagga : Then and Now

    “Do you think I could live in Wagga?”, a friend asked me via text a few months ago. Enthusiastically, I told her yes. I have many fond memories of my time living in Wagga in the early 1990s. Although she’s lived in the city – Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney – for most of the last thirty years, she grew up in the country, and I was fairly confident she could make the transition.… Read the rest “Wagga Wagga : Then and Now”

  • ABC Pride in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade

    ABC Pride in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade

    “It’s all going so fast”, I said to my colleague to the left of me.

    We were walking / marching / dancing along Oxford Street, as part of the “ABC Pride” float in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

    Even though ABC Pride is a staff-led initiative (it was not an “official” ABC float), it was awesome to have Managing Director, David Anderson on the float, and ABC Chair, Ita Buttrose came along to meet and greet everyone, before making her way to the party at Taylor Square.… Read the rest “ABC Pride in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade”

  • Tropical Fruits Street Parade

    Tropical Fruits Street Parade

    “Is that it? Is that all there is?”, I overhead some visitors say, a bit surprised at how “short” this year’s Tropical Fruits Street Parade was. I was a little inclined to agree, as I remembered the last parade I attended seemed to be a little larger, and there were more people on the streets watching.… Read the rest “Tropical Fruits Street Parade”