Big Friday Night

“You had a big night”, one of my friends said to me over lunch on the weekend, remarking that we’d corresponded a few times by messenger. “You were at The Bears, and then you were at Palms”, he said. I remember texting him about a song I’d heard at

Mardi Gras

About 10.45am on Friday, I received the following text message from a friend and former colleague. “Watching you on tv xxx move out from behind Nat where do I buy merch?” Shortly afterwards, she added, “Ps I’m in WA forgot time difference”. If you look closely at the video

Wagga Wagga Gays and Lesbians (early 90s)

NOTE: This article is under constant revision, as new bits and pieces of information come to light. If you have any further bits and pieces of information to add, please contribute in the comments below. I’ll never forget the first words Colin Anderson ever said to me. Colin was