I’ve had a really wonderful day. In part, because the weather has been so spectacular. In part, because of the great experiences.

I had lunch today with a guy called Peter Waak who runs a company called Radio Intelligence. Although based here in Stockholm, his company provides research and consultancy work around the world. He actually visited Australia a few years ago, and over lunch told me how his 27 hour flight to Sydney turned into a 41 hour flight. Eww..

Throughout the afternoon I re-visited some of my favourite walks, including taking the Katarinahissen lift and catching the Djurgarden ferry. These two walks have been a regular part of my routine here, and I’ve enjoyed them very much.

Meatballs for dinner, of course. And then a final drink at Torget. A bloke sat down next to me and started a conversation. He was from Somalia originally, but had been living in Sweden for five months. We chatted a bit about our different life stories. And then, just after midnight, I decided it was time to hit the sack. I said a “thankyou” to the bloke behind the bar at Torget, saying how much I’d enjoyed my time in Stockholm, and how nice the staff had been, making it my “regular” during my time here. He seemed genuinely pleased I’d taken the time to do that. “You must come back”, he said.

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