Broken Diet

Pizza from Crust
Pizza from Crust

I fell off the wagon tonight.

Although I’ve been maintaining a healthy diet since arriving back from my holiday, I was tempted tonight by the aroma of the nearby pizza shop.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Although it was tasty at the time, I regretted it instantly.

I’ve been trying to keep the kilos off by a combination of regular exercise and eating healthily – an almost exclusively vegetarian diet – prompted by the success of weight loss while in Sweden.

With winter coming up, and my propensity for sweet and fatty foods, and too much beer and wine, I’ve been trying to be good.

And of course I ate the whole damn thing.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

4 Replies to “Broken Diet”

  1. James, did you enjoy it? If the answer is YES than it’s not so bad for you. You have to tickle yourself sometimes, just breaking out of ‘the mold’ aka dieting is good for the body and the soul.

    Next time just buy a slice or two, but not the whole pizza.

  2. Hi Peter, yes I did enjoy it very much. But you’re right… a slice or two is preferable to the whole thing.

  3. That people looks REALLY good, and I don’t usually like a lot of veggies on my pizza. I totally can imagine eating that whole thing myself!!

    I’m with Peter. Indulging every so often is fine. I find the more I deny myself, the more I go crazy with the indulging. Moderation is the key. But that can be hard sometimes! I find it easier to go all or nothing, and that’s really not the best thing to do.

    Tim has really cut down on his meat eating too. He says he’s lost weight, and he feels much better. I really think this almost-vegetarian thing is a great diet plan/movement.

    1. I haven’t given up meat completely, but with a significant reduction I feel much better. And yeah, it was a really great tasting pizza.

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