Salem Al Fakir - Keep on Walking

Holiday Soundtrack

I’m one of those people who often walks around singing my favourite song, even at work.

According to those who’ve told me, it’s quite refreshing and usually brings a smile to their face.

Others, of course, probably think I’m just crazy.

But music has always been an important part of my life. And as I traveled over the last few weeks, I had a musical soundtrack to accompany me.

My favourite songs, the ones which accompanied me, were ones I heard/saw in real life and then got stuck in my head.

These were my five favourites… (in no particular order)

Keep On Walking – Salem Al Fakir

First, and foremost, I LOVE this song from Salem Al Fakir from Melodifestivalen. It’s a great song, and provided me with a great soundtrack as I walked around Stockholm.

I was aiming for the sky
and ended up flat on the ground
But once again the sun is rising
I better keep on walking…

Since arriving back, it’s remained my favourite song.

The video clip also features the fantastic Swedish comedian, Björn Gustafsson

Manboy – Eric Saade

Also from Melodifestivalen was this very catchy song. It was a favourite to win for a while, but never quite made it.

Manboy, manboy, you can call me manboy….

It it gets a little repetitive after a while for you, skip up to the final 30 seconds for the “shower scene”.

Unstoppable – Ola

One final songs from Melodifestivalen has been this one… Unstoppable (the return of Natalie) by Ola Svensson.

Håll Om Mig – Nanne

This song was featured in Melodifestivalen a few years ago. I loved seeing it LIVE, and especially when the audience sang along. Magic moment.

Stockholm By Morning – Sarah Dawn Finer

And finally, a sentimental favourite. I saw Sarah Dawn Finer perform live, and I love this song, mostly for the lyrical content, and her wonderful performance.

From LA to New York
To London to our front door
Soon I’ll be in your arms
Where I belong, babe
Stockholm by morning
It’s just a million miles
When I’m away from your smile
But it won’t be long
‘Til I’ll be home in your arms
Stockholm by morning

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  2. Mike

    When I was in Malmo in 07, I discovered a Swedish group ‘The Fine Arts Showcase’ who sing in English.

    A year or so later I discovered David Fridlund, (also sings in English), and who happened to be on the same label Adrian Recordings. Now I’ve just found another in their stable (singing in Swedish!) – Emil Jensen.

    So much interesting music from Sweden!

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