Holiday Soundtrack

I’m one of those people who often walks around singing my favourite song, even at work.

According to those who’ve told me, it’s quite refreshing and usually brings a smile to their face.

Others, of course, probably think I’m just crazy.

But music has always been an important part of my life. And as I traveled over the last few weeks, I had a musical soundtrack to accompany me.

My favourite songs, the ones which accompanied me, were ones I heard/saw in real life and then got stuck in my head.

These were my five favourites… (in no particular order)

Keep On Walking – Salem Al Fakir

First, and foremost, I LOVE this song from Salem Al Fakir from Melodifestivalen. It’s a great song, and provided me with a great soundtrack as I walked around Stockholm.

I was aiming for the sky
and ended up flat on the ground
But once again the sun is rising
I better keep on walking…

Since arriving back, it’s remained my favourite song.

The video clip also features the fantastic Swedish comedian, Björn Gustafsson

Manboy – Eric Saade

Also from Melodifestivalen was this very catchy song. It was a favourite to win for a while, but never quite made it.

Manboy, manboy, you can call me manboy….

It it gets a little repetitive after a while for you, skip up to the final 30 seconds for the “shower scene”.

Unstoppable – Ola

One final songs from Melodifestivalen has been this one… Unstoppable (the return of Natalie) by Ola Svensson.

Håll Om Mig – Nanne

This song was featured in Melodifestivalen a few years ago. I loved seeing it LIVE, and especially when the audience sang along. Magic moment.

Stockholm By Morning – Sarah Dawn Finer

And finally, a sentimental favourite. I saw Sarah Dawn Finer perform live, and I love this song, mostly for the lyrical content, and her wonderful performance.

From LA to New York
To London to our front door
Soon I’ll be in your arms
Where I belong, babe
Stockholm by morning
It’s just a million miles
When I’m away from your smile
But it won’t be long
‘Til I’ll be home in your arms
Stockholm by morning

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