Got My Bag Back

How great is Sarah Dawn Finer?

She’s a Swedish singer who I saw in concert a few weeks ago.

A few months ago I tweeted her and said I would be coming to her concert. And she actually responded. I was more than a bit surprised since she only follows one person on Twitter, Oprah!

The day after the concert I tweeted her again, saying how much I’d enjoyed her show.

Sarah Dawn Finer
Sarah Dawn Finer

Today or yesterday she was obviously catching up with her correspondence and responded with a “thank you” tweet. How cool is that?

It was definitely a highlight from today which, otherwise, was spent at home doing nothing much at all, except occasionally falling asleep.

I think by tomorrow my body will be fully re-adjusted – though we do have daylight saving change-over tonight – in the meantime, I’m finding that occasionally I get quite tired fairly quickly and just fall asleep.

Oh, and waiting for my bags to arrive.

“We tried to call you on your mobile”, the woman from the courier company said to me. “Yeah well, the battery ran out, and both chargers were packed away”, I told her.

In the grand scheme of things, it was only a minor inconvenience having to spend most of the afternoon at home waiting for my luggage to arrive.

I woke early this morning and went to the supermarket at about eight o’clock to buy some food. After a month away, the cupboard was bare.

I couldn’t believe how many people were at Coles this morning. I, at least, had an excuse for being there so early and in such a desperate need to purchase food. For the others, you had a sense they were suffering public holiday withdrawal from the shops being closed yesterday.

I chatted on the phone with friends and made a few social arrangements for the next few days.

It’s been a really lovely experience over the last four weeks writing this holiday blog. It’s so nice to have a permanent record of my experiences and thoughts along the way. I read a few posts today and it took my back, even if I did pick up the more than occasional spelling mistake.

As an experiment, I also went back to my tweets and posted a “twitter version” of my holiday, with nothing but tweets and photographs taken at Katarinahissen.

We’re all a bit short of time, these days, and there’s nothing worse than someone banging on about his holiday or hours, though friends, family and workmates can expect to experience this over the next few weeks.

To ease the pain, I spent an hour or so creating a slideshow of my holiday snaps. The five-minute version of my holiday.

I present it to you now…

The musical accompaniment is Stockholm inatt by Peter Joback. And even though the lyrics and the images don’t match, or really actually make any sense in relation to the visuals, I never intended them to. It’s all about the mood. It’s about the vibe. It’s the groove.

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  1. Ah, the joys of the short transit. Glad to hear you made it back in one (sorry two) pieces and that you had such a wonderful trip. Moving to Sweden an option? I certainly have given it some thought and it seems it may be possible at some point for my partner and I. I must say James, I really have enjoyed reading about your trip and it has made me very excited about my next visit to Stockholm. You have also inspired me to delve back into my Swedish pop playlists, reacquainting with some old faves and adding some new thanks to your posts. I am sorry I won’t be continuing my Swedish this year (thesis writing) but look forward to perhaps catching up at some point to swap stories.

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