Day of National Mourning

I arrived home just in time tonight to catch the opening story on SBS World News.

They were leading with a story about a bomb blast in Lahore.

I don’t know why the tax payer continues to fund SBS, as they’ve clearly missed the most important world story of the day: the failure by Sweden for the first time ever to make the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

“You bastards, you made Anna cry”, I said, when I saw the front page of today’s edition of Aftonbladet, Sweden’s equivalent to The Daily Telegraph.

The headlines screamed that it was a “schlager fiasco” and that “Norway felt the sorrow of its big brother” when it was revealed the gorgeous Anna Bergendahl had failed to make it through the first semi-final.

I really liked the song, and hoped it would do well.

I was verballed tonight by my friend, The Best Judge on Twitter who declared…

James was wrong, Yoda & I were right: Sweden’s Eurovision entry was crap. It got knocked out of the competition! Anna Bergendahl – L O S E R

It wasn’t my personal favourite to represent Sweden, though it was a popular choice on the night of the Melodifestivalen final. My favourite was “Keep On Walking” by Salem Al Fakir, though I also had soft spot for Peter Joback’s “Hollow”.

I maintain my view that Anna’s song remains a good song, and that it was a good song to represent Sweden (though there were better ones).

Sweden fails to make Eurovision final in 2010
Sweden fails to make Eurovision final in 2010

But like someone supporting a football team, I guess I’m one who supports Sweden when they’re weak and when they’re strong.

In other news, I caught up with some friends tonight to celebrate a birthday. The birthday celebration almost compensated the tragic loss which occurred.

In my workplace that includes two half-Swedes and one faux-Swede (me), I declared today a day of national mourning. The Swedish flag was flown at half-mast.

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