Mina vänner ska resa till Sverige

Swedish class resumed tonight. With one exception, it’s a whole new class. This time around, we have the usual group of people with Swedish connections, but we also have a bloke whose interests include Swedish folk music and mythology.

I was a little pressed for time this week, and lacking a little imagination, wrote a short piece about how everyone I know is going to Sweden this year, except me.

Mina vänner ska resa till Sverige.

2010, ska många vänner och kollegor resa till Sverige.

Min vän Patrick var i Stockholm för en vecka sedan. Han och hans vän Sam tillbringade några dagar i skärgården och ett par dagar i Stockholm. Vädret var varmt och de hade simmt i skärgården. De gick också på en del konserter, bland annat Allsång på Skansen.

Min vän Graeme ska åka till Stockholm i två veckor för Stockholm Pride. Han kommer att stanna hos sin kompis Gustav. Han kommer att närvara vid många konserter, bland annat Schlagerkväll på torsdag. I programmet finns också diskussionen om livet i Sydney, så jag tror att han kommer att delta i det också.

I oktober ska Grant åka till Stockholm för konserter med Peter Jöback.

Mina kollegor reser också till Sverige. Min kollega Carrie ska åka till sitt föräldrahem till jul. Min kollega Michael ska åka till Stockholm för att se sin flickvän i november.

Jag känner många som reser till Stockholm. Men inte jag!

Translated this means…

In 2010, shall many of my friends and colleagues travel to Sweden.

My friend Patrick was in Stockholm a week ago. He and his friend Sam spent a few days in the archipelago and a few days in Stockholm. The weather was hot and they swam in the archipelago. They also went to some concerts, including the “Sing-along at Skansen”.

My friend Graeme will travel to Stockholm for two weeks for Stockholm Pride. He will stay with his friend Gustav. He will attend many concerts, including the “Schlager Evening” on Thursday. The program also features discussion about life in Sydney, so I think he will also go to that,

In October, Grant will travel to Stockholm for concerts by Peter Jöback.

My colleagues shall also travel to Sweden. My colleague Carrie will go to her parents home for Christmas. My colleague Michael will go to Stockholm to see his girlfriend in November.

I know many people who shall travel to Stockholm. But not me!

Next week’s homework is to a) write about my favourite city and b) write about my childhood…

Stockholm near sunset
Stockholm near sunset

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  1. Hey James,
    you had your visit to Sweden earlier this year!
    But I know how you feel :-(

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