Friday night and the lights are low

On this day two years ago I had just arrived in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Swedish summer had ended, or so it seemed. I’d spent the day/night before experiencing what I thought was the worst the weather in Sweden could provide. How wrong I was!

It had been a memorable holiday in Sweden for a few reasons.

One of the highlights was meeting a lovely bloke who I shared a room with in a hostel. Upon entering the room, I remember vividly seeing him – an Asian man – and made no connection to Australia. Upon chatting, however, we soon realised the common connection – we both lived in Sydney, and we were both on trips around the world in order to “find ourselves” again.

We were both a little directionless, both wondering about our futures, and were both on “sabaticals”.

We’ve caught up a few times since, and we caught up again tonight for dinner and drinks.

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