It’s not often you hear the name “Nanne Grönvall” mentioned anywhere outside of Sweden. She’s a well-known singer-songwriter there, and she just happens to be the daughter-in-law of Benny from ABBA. But aside from a few attempts at Eurovision, she is really only well-known in Sweden and usually sings in Swedish.

Earlier this year while I was in Sweden I saw her perform, and was lucky enough to meet her and obtain a signed CD which I’ve had on my notice-board ever since I’ve been back. Most people who come into my office would have no idea who she was. But someone today did.

He was a bloke from Melbourne who was into discuss a potential project. As the meeting ended with the usual pleasantries he then said – and you could have knocked me over with a feather – “I love your signed Nanne Grönvall CD”.

“I’m a huge fan of Melodifestivalen”, he told me when I asked how he knew Nanne. We then went on to chat about this year’s competition, and I then told him I’d attended and was able to show him some photographs. How random is that?

A few hours later I was on a bus and I heard a few more words you hardly ever hear in Australia: grönsaker and kyckling (the Swedish words for vegetables and chicken). There was a bloke seated behind me who was obviously chatting to someone about their shopping requirements for dinner that evening.

So it’s been a day of random Swedish moments. I’m sure it’s a sign… (of something).

I was on the bus, by the way, to see my friend who has been in hospital for a few weeks. He’s not 100%, but considerably better than he was a few weeks ago.

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