Burfi Thursday

At about nine o’clock tonight I got a slight craving for something sweet.

I’d been half-napping, half-watching television since I’d arrived home from work at about six thirty. And then all of a sudden, I thought “ooh I’d like one of those sweets from down the road”.

I’m lucky enough to have an Indian Restaurant (vegetarian) only a short walk from home that also serves wonderful sweets. Of all they offer, it’s burfi that is probably my favourite because it’s sweet, but not too sweet. In fact, it’s almost a little bit savoury. And you have the texture that’s cake-like in some ways, but also quite nutty as well.

According to Wikipedia…

Plain barfi is made from condensed milk, cooked with sugar until it solidifies. There are many varieties of barfi, which include besan barfi (made with besan (gram flour)), “kaaju barfi” (made with cashews), and pista barfi (which is a milk barfi containing ground pistachio nuts). The name is derived from the Persian word barf which means ice since barfi is similar to ice/snow in appearance. Barfi is often flavoured with fruit (such as mango or coconut) or nuts (like cashew and pistachio) and spices such as cardamon

By the way, I’m informed they can be called burfi or barfi. Whatevah.

So yeah, I popped down the road and bought some burfi. Yummo. The perfect way to round out the night in front of the television, or so I thought.

Burfi from Maya on Cleveland Street
Burfi from Maya on Cleveland Street

I did my best to find something worthwhile to watch, but nothing showed great appeal.

Although I’m quite a fan of Graham Norton, for example, I’m starting to get a little bored with his program, as it’s more and more about the celebrity guest (sometimes fawning) and less and less of Graham’s cheekiness.

I’ve got a bunch of things recorded for later replay, including half a dozen episodes of “The Simpsons” and “Just Shoot Me” (as well as the more intellectual pursuits of “Big Ideas”) but even they didn’t hold much appeal.

And then I tried finishing off the three half-finished blog posts from this week which are still sitting in draft form. No inspiration there, either.

I guess the problem is I’m feeling a little mentally drained at the moment. I’ve got a lot happening at work right now. I’ve also got a few projects which are “halfway through” instead of starting or nearing completion, and that’s always a little boring, and sometimes hard to feel motivated about. Thus, I’m coming home most nights and hitting the couch, and doing nothing much at all.

So as I approach Friday – which will also be quite busy – I’m looking straight towards the weekend and hopefully have the occasion for a bit of “me” time.

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